Roberto Rubio


Roberto Rubio is a Music Theorist and Composer from Universidad de los Andes and Magister in Orchestral Conducting from Universidad Nacional de Colombia under the guidance of Maestro Guerassim Voronkov. He was trained in harpsichord and thorough bass by Maestro Patrick Ayrton (Amsterdam) and Juan Manuel Estévez (Colombia). He has taken early music interpretation classes with Lars Ulrik Mortensen and John Holloway,the Combattimento Consort of Amsterdam, The Purcell Quartet, the Ensamble Aglaia, Florilegium, the Kuijken Trio, and Elizabeth Wright. He has been a guest harpsichord player in groups such as “Musica Ficta” and “La Esfera Armoniosa.” Apart from his role as Performer, Conductor and Composer, he works as a Teacher at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional and Universidad Nacional de Colombia.